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HOW DO THOSE DELICIOUS little dough PILLOWS come to be?

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First we start with only the freshest ingredients; no  preservatives no trans-fat;  nothing artificial here.

The pierogies are wrapped and labeled and ready to be used. Since they are already cooked, all you need to do is place them in a skillet with a little butter and onion and brown as desired.

The dough is rolled to the desired thickness in our large rolling machine. This ensures a consistent thickness and texture.











The dough is allowed to go all the way through the press and collect before the direction is reversed.

One it is ready for cutting it is put onto a large rolling pin for transport to the prep table.

    The dough is carefully rolled out onto the prep table which has been dressed with a pastry cloth and flour so that the dough does not stick.

       The dough is cut into perfect circles and the excess is pulled away to be pressed again and used for additional pierogies.

The filling - potato, potato and cheddar, suarkraut, etc - is then portioned onto the circles.

Skilled hands fold and crimp each "pierogie-to-be" by hand.  

          Each pierogie is then hand placed on the presentation tray or into the bulk bags for delivery to the retail stores or readied to be placed into the case.

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